ARA Industry Co⋅, Ltd

ARA Industry Introduction

ARA Industry Co., Ltd is a professional steel trading company that has achieved rapid industrial growth both domestically and internationally. We have open ed a new era in the related field with our unlimited challenges and prospective visions since its establishment in October 1994. Based on our accumulated capabilities in the fields of Shipbuilding, Offshore Plants, Petro-chemistry and Oil Refining and Power Plants, we, ARA Industry Co., Ltd. have been providing the best service and high quality materials in Pipes, Tubes, Plates, Clad Plates, Fittings, Forging and other related merchandise to our customers.
Also, we have been gaining high trust and favorable evaluations from our domestic/international long term partners and suppliers. We will be the company that contributes to the development and growth of our customers based on our philosophy, which is, we exist in order to satisfy our customers’ request by any means. Despite the rapidly changing market environment, we will diligently perform our tasks by being a core partner for our customers. Furthermore, we will do our utmost effort in order to become the best global corporation by expanding new markets and securing talented individuals as our staff.